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Family business that is locally owned and operated!

Foods For Life is celebrating it’s 42nd year in business.  Situated in Bloor West Village it has become a cornerstone of the landscape.

Customers come from all over Ontario to get vitamins, supplements and health foods at discount prices.

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With a background in Engineering Technology, Thanos went back to his roots where his father taught him at a very young age how to run a successful retail business.   His wife June was always interested in health foods and supplements and how well the body responded to them so in October of 1977 they decided to start Foods For Life. In 1975, Thanos along with Dr. Deitel published the article below.

Article: A calibration system for a Holter pump for hyperalimentation infusion

Mervyn Deitel · Athanasios Petsoulas · David Brenner
Abstract: Pumps are being used for precise, constant fluid delivery. Many pumps of reasonable cost require tedious calibration by serial changing of dial-settings, observing with a stopwatch the time for delivery of a certain volume of fluid, and then calculating the rate for each setting. A simpler method has been developed whereby, from a graph calculated from observed rate at only two dial-settings, the dial is set to give an approximate flow-rate. Then, from a table previously calculated from a mathematical formula, the number of observed drops at the bedside is adjusted by the dial to give an exact flow-rate.
Article · Apr 1975 · Annals of Biomedical Engineering